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Arizona Angel

Arizona Angel

Arizona Angel Wines are meant to welcome new wine drinkers, as well as those with evolved palettes, to the fascinating world of AZ wines.
With recognizable varietals as well as some which are unique to our vineyards, Arizona Angels are intended to offer high-quality AZ wine at value-driven prices.

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Arizona Angel Wines


Wine Name: Zinfandel/Syrah

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 14.30%

Description: Rich berry, white pepper, ginger, smooth

tannins, well-balanced fruit to acidity, great for a casual wine


Winemaker’s Notes: A great blending of Old and New World styles. Syrah originated in the Middle East in the

Persian city of Shiraz. It was brought to France by the

Romans. Zinfandel’s lineage was unknown, until recently, when it was discovered through DNA testing.  It is a distant relative of the Italian Primativo, originating in Croatia (Plvac Mali).

Pairings: A great wine with food or simply by itself.

Experiment with venison or roasted beef, sauces herbed with oregano and sage, and conversations with friends gathered around a large, rustic wood kitchen table.

AA Red Blend

Arizona Angel Wines

Red Blend

Wine Name: Red Blend

Appellation: Arizona

Blend: 85% Barbera, 5% Merlot 5% Cabernet Sauvignon,

5% Syrah

Alcohol Content: 14.99%

Description: Currant and smoke aromas and a refreshing acidity; delicious dried cherries and spice lead on the palate and follow through for a lengthy finish.

Winemaker’s Notes: Barbera is a heat loving grape, high in acid and rich in dark berries. Arizona Merlot contributes

robust tannins and chocolate. Syrah, brings forth the vibrant spice.

Pairings: A great wine with food or simply by itself, Pair with seared Ahi, hearty meats, sweet-hot BBQ sauces, sharp cheddar cheese and fire pit confessions.

2013 Tasters Guild International: Silver

2014 AZ Republic Wine Competition: Silver

AA Dry Red

Arizona Angel Wines

Dry Red Pinotage

Wine Name: Dry Red

Appellation: Arizona

Blend: 80% Pinotage, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon,

5% Symphony

Alcohol Content: 14.15%

Description: The elegance  and clean earthiness of Pinot Noir structured with a touch of aged Cab and Symphony’s acidity creates a deliciously rich,mid-bodied and balanced red blend perfect in the company of friends with diverse palates.

Winemaker’s Notes: Dragoon Mountian Vineyard is the only grower of Pinotage in the state. Pinotage suffers the

hinderence of being a love it or hate it wine, but Cabernet was wisely chosen to add depth to the blend while

Symphony’s fruit and acidity bring harmonious balance.

2013 Finger Lakes International: Bronze

2014 San Francisco International Wine Competition: Bronze

2014 AZ Republic Wine Competition: Wine of Distinction, Silver

AA Dry White

Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Roussane, Chenin Blanc

Dry White

Wine Name: Dry White

Appellation: Arizona

Blend: 70% Grenache Blanc, 20% Marsanne/Roussane,

10% Chenin Blanc.

Alcohol Content: 13.30%

Description: A supple nose of ripe peaches  and talc with bountiful flavors of green apple candy and juicy pears.

Refreshing acidity makes for a light bodied wine that is crisp, but harmoniously balanced. with a lingering finish that hints at toasted marshmallow.

Winemaker’s Notes: Chenin Blanc is blended with Marsanne/Roussane  to add a touch of richness to the wine while keeping CB’s signature zestiness.

Pairings: Almond crusted halibut, and fennel-roasted

potatoes, triple creme brie served with macadamia nuts and roasted tree fruits.


Arizona Angel Pinot Grigio

Arizona Angel Wines

Pinot Grigio

Wine Name: Pinot Grigio

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 12.38%

Description: Inviting aromatics of sweet lemongrass and delicate florals. This off-dry white is crisp and delicious with

flavors of lime and green apple and a graceful cast of

minerality. Lengthy finish.

Winemaker’s Notes: Grigio refers to the grayish hue.

Related to the Pinot Noir family of grapes,this very versatile gape is grown from Germany (Grauburgunder) to South Africa.

Pairings: Pairs well with pool parties, spicier cuisine, such as baked garlic, red peppers, BBQ, ginger dishes, sugar cookies, birthday cake, darn good chocolate, and easy going attitudes.

Arizona Angel Sauvignon Blanc

Arizona Angel Wines

Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Name: Sauvignon Blanc

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 12.88%

Description: Arizona sunshine glows in this spirited white wine. Graceful spring florals and zesty lemon aromas mingle in a refreshing and flavorful dance of vibrant citrus and soft lemon curd.

Winemaker’s Notes: It was the the choice of yeast that tames Sauvignon Blanc’s intensely grapefruit quality and lets us enjoy a more flavorful, mouth-filling expression of this

Pairings: Grilled lamb brochettes with lemon and dill, grilled aritchokes with creamy lemon pesto or an Arugula salad topped with goat cheese medallions.

2014 People Choice Award, Festival At the Farm

AA Riesling

Arizona Angel Wines



Wine Name: Riesling

Appellation: Arizona

 Alcohol Content: 12.10%

Description: An inviting nose of honeycomb, apricots with a hint of nutmeg. A balanced and engaging wine rich with

flavors Honeycrisp apples and ginger finishes clean on the palate.

Winemaker’s Notes: Because the Riesling was aged in

neutral oak prior to bottling, its natural acidity has had time to soften and actually integrate with the rich fruit flavors.

People don’t often associate Riesling with Arizona and there are some Rieslings out there that were forced to the shelf, but patience was the key in producing this Finger Lakes international Silver Medal


Pairings: Snapper with charred tomatillos and pepper salsa, spinach salad with warm bacon dressing, or blue cheese on toasted baguettes. 

Beverage Tasting Institute: Bronze, (89 pts)

2013 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition: Silver

Arizona Angel Sweet Blush

Arizona Angel Wines

Sweet Blush, Counoise

Wine Name: Sweet Blush

Appellation: Arizona

Alcohol Content: 13.74%

Description: This delicate pink flaunts a nose of red berry and ribbon candy with flavors reminiscent of home-made strawberry jam. Light, fruity and refreshing.

Winemaker’s Notes: This wine is a lightly pressed, red Rhone varietal, Counoise. Four hours on the skin adds to its bright pink coloring and good extraction. More time on the skin would have brought tannin and a full bodied, spicy red.
Pairings: Thinly sliced salami or pancetta, mild-flavored cheeses, salads and antipasto.


Arizona Angels Wine

Aritage White Wine

Wine Name: Aritage White

Appellation: Arizona

Blend: 60% Riesling, 30% Grenache Blanc,

10% Gewurtztraminer

Alcohol Content: 13.30%

Description: Semi-sweet with a sunshine hue. Sweet pure maple and gentle lilacs beckon a taste. The moderate

complexity offers flavors of sweet white sugar on ruby red grapefruit. Tart edged, but nicely balanced with a solid finish that frees the palate.

Winemaker’s Notes: So named as an Arizona blend that

celebrates the unique regional identity of grapes grown in

Arizona soil over known varietal characteristics. Deliberately playful.

Pairings: Spicy Pad Thai noodles, spinach salad drizzled with strawberry vinegarette  and candied walnuts or Greek yogurt topped with honey and grains.

2013 Taster’s Guild International: Silver

2014 San Francisco International Wine Competition: Silver

2014 Los Angelas International Wine Competition: Silver