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Jerome Winery

Jerome Winery

Jerome Winery was John McLoughlin’s first line of handcrafted wines.  The wine follows a more traditional way of winemaking, bottled mainly as specific varietal wines.  It brings our attention back to our family’s roots in the business.  Family members worked in the vineyard as we planted the first grapevines.  We harvested by hand.  It kept our connection to the earth.  The family photos on the labels honor that tradition of family and independent family businesses.

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Jerome Winery 2013 Charbono

2013 Charbono

100% AZ grown Charbono

100% AZ grown Charbono

Incredibly integrated flavors and brilliant acidity. This AZ grown Charbono brings forth a nose of dried cherry-cranberry notes, rose petals and a whisp of smoke. The mid palate is flavorful and pleasing with sweet black cherries amid the picture perfect framework of tannin and acidity.

Winemaker Notes: There are less than 150 acres of Charbono on Earth and Dragoon Mountain Vineyard planted our Charbono vines in 2003. Deep roots equal rewarding complexity. This French classic handles its French oak protocol well. Done in half ton fermentations with multiple yeasts and punched down three times daily.

Pairings: Think slow food like beef stews and roasted pork. Charbono has a wonderful symmetry with nuts of all types.


2014 AWGA- Wine of Distinction Silver


Jerome Winery 2013 Marselan

2013 Marselan

100% AZ grown Marselan

100% AZ grown Marselan

A complex and deep red wine with an abundance of supple, yet harmonious tannin. Flavors of ripe black cherries and impish hints of spice.

Winemaker Notes: Marselan is uncharted territory for the United States, Dragoon Mountain Vineyard was the first to seek out this grape to explore the newly defined attributes of Marselan’s classic parentage of Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pairings: Grilled meats, savory vegetables and aged goat cheeses like Garrotxa.


2013 AZ Wine Growers- Wine Of Distinction
2013 West Coast Wine Competition- Bronze
2015 San Francisco Chronicle Gold

Jerome Winery 2013 Malbec

2013 Malbec

100% AZ Grown Malbec

100% AZ Grown Malbec

Powerful and masculine. Aromas of vanilla and soft leather. Deep, dark cherry and blackberry flavors are polished with dusty hints of cocoa.

Pairings: Smoked eel and beetroot on warm blini, Barbequed beef ribs, or Ossau Iraty cheese.

Winemaker Notes: 2013 Malbec spent some extra time hanging for added fruit intensity. This is a classic French styling of Malbec, smooth not chalky. This is not an Argentinian style; A beautiful French grape steeped in tradition.

Read about Malbec at

Jerome Winery 2012 Chardonnay

2012 Chardonnay

100% AZ Grown Chardonnay

100% AZ Grown Chardonnay

Fleshy and full bodied with notes of white peaches, apricot and vanilla with a slightly stony but fruity finish.

Winemaker Notes: 2012 brought glorious, warm sun and very little rain at harvest. Twelve hours on its skins brings additional complexity. Select yeasts were chosen for each bin during fermentation to bring out each of AZ Chardonnay’s distinct and personal attributes. Each bin was then pressed altogether as one. Chardonnay was aged in neutral oak for 18 months.

Pairings: Salmon cakes,  pumpkin ravioli or younger cheddar cheese with pears and apples


2014 AZ Wine Growers- Judges Favorite
2014 AWGA- Wine of Distinction Silver
2014 AZ Republic- 2nd Place Best Chardonnay
2015 San Francisco Chronicle_Bronze


Jerome Winery 2012 Viognier

2012 Viognier

100% AZ Grown Charbono

100% AZ Grown Viognier


Intoxicating aromas of sweet honeysuckle and apricot. Full bodied with A velvety mouth feel. Abundant flavors of stone fruit and apricot with hints of baking spice rounded out with crisp tartness and a clean finish.

Winemaker Notes: AZ Viognier is incredibly aromatic and wonderfully bright. 2012 had bright sunny days and a dry harvest season. This vintage spent twelve hours on its skins bringing a notable mouth feel and deeper complexity. Aged in neutral oak for 18 months, Viognier’s acidity is tamed allowing for more intense flavors.

Pairings: Pad Thai noodles, Apricot glazed chicken or a worthy slice of Brillat-Savarin.


2014 AZ Republic-2nd Place Best Viognier
2014 AZ Republic- Silver



Jerome Winery Pink


Delightful Nebbiolo Saignee, Jerome Winery Pink

Delightful Nebbiolo Saignee

The return of one of the originals. Pink is the beautiful fruity and clean saignee of our own Arizona grown Nebbiolo. A fresh, light, fruit forward strawberry delight! Goodbye, white-zin, Pink is here to stay!

Winemaker Notes: It’s pink… Nebbiolo as a full bodied red would be rich, dark and very tannic. This pink comes from the juice that falls from weight of the grapes against themselves, sitting in the press, waiting for go-time.

Pairings: Grilled white fish, crisp summer salads with light dressings or  Antipasto,

Jerome Winery: Primitivo



A velvety and deeply colored red, Primitivo tastes of juicy cherries, wild blackberries and the zest of raspberries with just a whisper of cinnamon.
Winemaker’s Notes: Identical by DNA to Zinfandel, Primitivo’s ancient origins are rooted in Croatia. Low yields and judicious pruning of the prolific vines are an absolute necessity to result the rich fruit flavors and delicate spice notes.
Pairings: Spicy meats, roasted duck, earthy, ripe brie with cranberries.

Jerome Winery: Pinotage


Beautifully rustic and medium bodied. Earth driven notes brace delicious dark berries and ripe plums. Comfortably chewy.
Winemaker’s Notes: The elegance of Pinot Noir and the heart of Cinsaut allow this fruit to thrive in Willcox.
Pairings: Tuna Tartare, light to medium red sauces or white chocolate creme brûlée.

Bronze Medal

2013 Tasters Guild International Judging

85 Points, Silver Medal

Beverage Tasting Institute Regional Wine Competition, Southwest Region

Read about 100% AZ grown Pinotage at

Jerome Winery: Nebbiolo



Dark ruby with a brackish rim.
Winemaker’s Notes: Demanding and fastidious outside of its homeland of Piemonte, our Willcox vineyard’s gift to Nebbiolo is our ignorance of frost.
Pairings: Classic red, Italian sauces, roasted chicken with rosemary, or fontina cheese.